Historical Markers

DateMarker Name and LocationState
1923 Aug 11Plymouth Bench (Brewster Bench) , Plymouth, MAMA
1925 Apr 19Jamestown Memorial Gate, Jamestown, VAVA
1932 Aug 11Fort Le Boeuf, Waterford, PAPA
1933 May 27Los Adais, Natchitoches, LALA
1933 Dec 09Founders Plaque, St. Louis, MOMO
1935 Apr 26Cape Henry Cross, Henry, VAVA
1936 Apr 25Patentees Monument, Washington, DCDC
1936 Oct 13Gateway at Fort De Chartres, Prairie du Rocher, ILIL
1939 Oct 10Carteret Bench, Elizabeth, NJNJ
1960 MayNational NSDAC HeadquartersDC
1963 Jun 24Brewster Bench Rededication, Plymouth, MAMA
1965 Jun 16Cathedral of the Pines, Rindge, NHNH
1967Outstanding Naval Aviation Cadet FL
1969 Sept 17American CredoPA
1969 Nov 23Berkeley Hundred, Charles City, VAVA
1982 Apr 24William Penn Statue, Penn Treaty Park, Philadelphia, PAPA
1985 5 NovIn Tribute to All Who Perished (Pearl Harbor)HI
1986 Oct 18Teak Benches at Berkeley PlantationVA
1987 MarNational Society Daughters of Americnan Colonists Founders Plaque ReplacementDC
1990 April 8Swamp White Oak TreeVA
1991 April 6Red Hill, Patrick Henry MemorialVA
2000-2003Great Indian Warrior Trading Paths - 33 markers in 30 states
2000-2003Ancient Paths and Trails
2005 Mar 5PlymouthMS
2005 Oct 17Berkeley Plantation (Brick Patio), Charles City, VAVA
2011 Sept 16Early American TombstonesNC
2011 Oct 01Abigail Corbin Peck, Riley Township, MI MI
2011 Oct 15Braddock's 12th Camp, Connellsville, PAPA
2012 Feb 12The Three Chimneys, Ormond Beach, FLFL
2012 May 19Fort Stanton
2014 Oct 9Mistress Margaret Brent PavilionMD
2017 Sept 15Military RoadWA
2017 Oct 7Great Genesee RoadNY
2017 Oct 8First Cemetery in Northville, MIMI
2018 Mar 1Westover ChurchVA
2018 Mar 13Pound CemeteryAR