National Theme and Goals


National Theme

“Listen to the joyful noise and follow it with your heart and deeds”

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift.   -Bill Keene

National Scripture

“…Make a joyful noise”
Psalm 100

National Motto

Past, Present, and Future

The Motto emphasis is “Present” for the administration’s second year.

National Object

Patriotic, Historical, and Educational

The Object emphasis is “Historical” for the administration’s second year.

The NATIONAL PRESIDENT’S PROJECT is to provide funding for the restoration of the Ten Bell Chimes of the Carillon, National Pilgrim Memorial Meetinghouse, Town Square “Mayflower Meetinghouse Visitors Center,” Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Committee Emphasis for 2022-2023:

American Indian Scholarship

College of the Ozarks

Colonial and Genealogical Records

The Colonial Courier

Flag of the United States of America

The Goals for 2022-2023:

Continue to support the National President’s Project by donations of $2 per member.

Purchase the NP bell pins – they come in two sizes or a special DAC mug from this term.

Our youth are important and you can help by supporting the American Indian Scholarship R.A.I.N. program for American Indian nursing students.

College of the Ozarks require their students to work to help pay for their education. Purchase some of the wonderful products from the school. Donate to their scholarship program.

Colonial and Genealogical Records – this is a repeat. This committee may be more valuable than we realize. The Wall Street Journal reported that 50 percent of people today do not even know the names of all 4 of their grandparents. Only 4 percent could name all 8 great-grandparents. Share your findings of ancestry.

The Colonial Courier is the showcase of our activities. Tell everyone what your chapter or state is doing to promote DAC and what you have accomplished.

Fly your flag and better yet, give away flags during the year to fulfill the Flag of the United States of America committee.

National Defense is in the news constantly these days. Support our National Defense Project of purchasing outdoor granite bench at the National Museum of the United States Army.

Public Relations – Keep up with current affairs. Share with others “All About DAC” where ever you go. Let other know what projects DAC supports.

Increase our Membership Always!