National President’s Project

The National President Project’s primary focus for the 2024-2027 Administration will be the first
English settlement in the present-day United States which was founded in 1587 on the northern
end of Roanoke Island. This is the colony now known to history as “The Lost Colony”. Before
there were colonists at Jamestown and Plymouth, about 118 English men, women, and children
came to the New World to establish a permanent settlement named the “Cittie of Raleigh”. This
colony was originally located within the large English territory claim of “Virginia” named in
honor of Queen Elizabeth I. The present-day site of the first colony is now within Dare
County, North Carolina.
NSDAC will help support specific Project Elements at the Fort Raleigh National Historic Site,
Manteo, NC, to help improve and enhance visitor understanding of the lives of the first colonists,
their known experience, and the humanity of the Raleigh expeditions. The Raleigh voyages to
Roanoke Island and the first English colony in the New World led to further colonization and the
founding of the original thirteen colonies which became the USA. The “Cittie of Raleigh” on
Roanoke Island is the site where the birth of our nation began!

Fort Raleigh National Historic Site.