Membership Classes

There are two classes of membership within the Society: Active Members and Members with Restricted Privileges.

Active Members:

Active Members may be members of chapters within a state society or members of a state societies without chapters.  Active members may attend the General Assembly and the State Assembly.

Members with Restricted Privileges:

Members with restricted privileges are not eligible to:  be delegates or alternates at the General Assemblies or State Assemblies; to hold a national, state or chapter office; nor serve on a national or state committee.  However, she may attend either the General Assembly or State Assembly.


  • Golden Acorn members are those who join the Society from the age of 18 through the age of 35. They remain Golden Acorns until their 45th birthdays. These members have the privilege of serving as Pages at State and General Assemblies. Benefiting American Indians has always been the special project of the Golden Acorns Committee, and significant contributions have been made to the Bacone College Library in recent years as a result of this endeavor.
  • Members-at-Large are members who, after one full year of membership has been fulfilled within a chapter, request a  transfer to membership-at-large.
  • Members-in-abeyance are new members who are in the process of organizing or reorganizing a chapter.  They shall be called “Organizing Members” upon confirmation of the chapter.
  • Associate Members are current active members who have been invited to join a second chapter and elected in the same manner as a new member.  Associate members are responsible for any local dues required by the second chapter.  No associate member shall have the right to vote, to hold office, or to represent the second chapter as a delegate or alternate at any General or State Assembly.