Membership Eligibility

Any woman who is a citizen of the United States of America, is of good moral character, and has attained her eighteenth year, shall be eligible to membership, provided that she shall be acceptable to the Society and shall meet each of the following requirements:

A. Lineal descent.  The applicant shall be of lineal descent from those men and women who were actual residents of America when it was under foreign government as colonies and who served prior to July 4, 1776, in any of the following capacities prior to July 4, 1776:

  • 1. In battle under colonial authority
  • 2. Under the banner of Great Britain in North America in any of the wars in which the colonists participated
  • 3. All military and naval service of the colonies 
  • 4. Furnished troops or funds 
  • 5. Filled office of Governor, Lieutenant Governor or Deputy Governor
  • 6. Member or Delegate to Council or Assembly
  • 7. Member of House of Burgesses
  • 8. Deputy or Representative to the General Court
  • 9. Commissioner of the United Colonies, of Boundaries or Treaties, of Import or Excise, to the French or Indians
  • 10. Secretary, Magistrate, Selectman, Justice, Judge of any Court of Law or Equity, Attorney, Advocate, Solicitor, Juryman, Sheriff, Constable, or other forms of civil service
  • 11.Founder or Trustee of any College in North America 
  • 12. Minister of the Gospel or Commissary of the Bishop of London 
  • 13. Member of the Committee of Safety of the Continental Congress, 1774 and 1775
  • 14. Member of the Council of Safety of 1689
  • 15. Signers of the Mayflower Compact and documented Mayflower passengers who arrived in Plymouth and resided in the colonies
  • 16. Speaker of the House of Deputies
  • 17. Physician or Surgeon 
  • 18. Member of the Provincial Congress
  • 19.Signer of the Declaration of Independence 
  • 20. Huguenot Refugee
  • 21.Signer of the Oath of Allegiance to Great Britain
  • 22. Original Land Owner, not inheritor 
  • 23. Member of the London, Plymouth or Virginia Companies who actually came to the colonies, or the first immigrant descendant of any member of these companies who resided in the colonies
  • 24. Palatine Settler
  • 25. Convenanter from Scotland who actually came to the Colonies or the first immigrant descendant of a Convenanter from Scotland
  • 26. Saltzburger of Georgia
  • 27. Participant in the Regulator Movement of 1765-1771 in North Carolina or in the Regulator Movement of 1767-1769 in South Carolina
  • 28. Those who furnished funds, provisions or supplies, with or without remuneration, provided munitions or guns, rendered service to the military or for the defense of the colonies. 
  • B. Proof of eligibility.  The applicant shall submit evidence of lineal descent. Legal adoption shall not qualify for lineal descent. References submitted shall be independent of any other lineage society.

C. Allegiance to the United States of America.  The applicant shall not be pledged to, or advocate by force or violence, the overthrow of the government of the United States of America or that of any state or territory therein, or be guilty of treasonable practices. This Society shall have the right to expel from its membership any person for any of these causes; any questions arising under this proviso shall be determined by this Society.

D. Conformity to NSDAC governing documents.  The applicant shall agree to conform to the Certificate of Incorporation, Federal Charter, Bylaws and policies adopted by the National Society.