NSDAC Marker Preservation Fund

capecrossDuring the administration of Mrs. James E. Crews as National President, the 1989 General Assembly approved the establishment of the NSDAC Marker Preservation Fund, a perpetual fund with interest income only to be used for the repairs, maintenance, and improvements of historical markers placed by the National Society.  This fund was opened with generous contributions from the National Committee Chairman, Mrs. Thomas C. Holmes, Jr., and the estate of Mrs. Adrienne S. Stone, a former member of the Santa Margarita Chapter of Florida.  Each chapter was asked to participate by donating at least one dollar per member during the three-year administration.  First to reach this goal was the Captain John Utie Chapter of Huntsville, Texas, the National President’s Chapter.

The first project voted for the NSDAC Marker Preservation Fund was the repair of the Cape Henry Cross, which was rededicated on April 29, 1990.

At the conclusion of her term as National President, Mrs. Crews designated the NSDAC Marker Preservation Fund as the recipient of the over subscription of her National President’s Project.

Today, this fund continues to accomplish its purpose through donations from members and other interested donors.  Your donations to this project would be greatly appreciated to continue the work of this committee.