Lineage Book 1976

Lineage Books

One of the foremost objects of the organization is to search out and preserve records of the Founders and early settlers of our country. Lineage Books containing the colonial services of the ancestors and lines of descent of members of the organization are published for each 1,000 applications approved. Lineage Book (Volume One) contains numbers 1 to 1000, Lineage Book (Volume Two) spans 1001 to 2000, and so forth. Currently, Lineage Book (Volume 41) is in progress.


The Colonial Courier 2014


The DAC magazine, “The Colonial Courier”, is the official publication of the Society and is published three times a year. It contains articles highlighting the activities of Chapters and State Societies, and feature articles of historical and genealogical interest. Copies are purchased by members and given to school, public, and university libraries. Non-members may also purchase subscriptions – three issues for $10/year. To subscribe, contact us.


Yearbook 2010


A comprehensive National Yearbook is printed each year which includes the National and State Officers, Chapter Regents, National and Sectional Committee Chairmen, current National Bylaws, Annual reports by National Officers, and National Committee Chairmen, and State Regents. Also included are the guidelines for processing applications, reinstatements, and transfers; regulations for submitting annual reports; and instructions for ordering supplies and publications.