Process for Membership

Admission to membership in the National Society is by invitation after an affirmative vote by the chapter or state society. Applicants shall be of good moral character, have attained their eighteenth year, and have the endorsement of two members in good standing to whom the applicant is personally known.

New members become part of a chapter, a state Society, and the National Society, which is one of the largest of the nation’s hereditary organizations. Every member’s interest and participation is vital to aid the Society in continuing to move ahead and to grow in strength and achievement, in love of country, in historic preservation of a cherished heritage, and in education of all citizens in what the real America is, and what America stands for.

The Process:

  1. The prospective member is recommended, in writing, by two chapter members.
  2. The chapter votes on the recommendation, if the prospective member is approved, the Regent issues a written invitation to the prospective member.
  3. A set of lineage papers are forwarded to the applicant for completion.
  4. Should an applicant be unable to complete her lineage papers within one year, the invitation shall expire unless an extension is granted.

The Ohio Society has a nice article about joining NSDAC here