National Theme and Goals


National Theme

Listen to the joyful noise and follow it with your heart and deeds

National Scripture

“…Make a joyful noise”
Psalm 100

National Motto

Past, Present, and Future

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift.   -Bill Keene

National Object

Patriotic and Historic

The NATIONAL PRESIDENT’S PROJECT is the funding for the restoration of the Ten Bell Chimes of the Carillon, National Pilgrim Memorial Meetinghouse, Town Square “Mayflower Meetinghouse Visitors Center”, Plymouth, Massachusetts.  Emphasis will be placed on the following committees:

  • Colonial and Genealogical Records
  • Historic Landmarks and Memorials
  • National Awards
  • Patriotic Education
  • Veterans Services

The Goals of this administration will change each year with the Committee emphasis:

    • For this year, they will be as follows:

Do things for others:

  • Support the National President’s Project by contributing at least $2 per member, per year, to the National President’s Project.
  • Honor and remember all veterans by contributing comfort items, clothes, or other materials to all VA Hospitals or to other veteran groups. Increase your chapter’s donations of these items by 10% this year. Adopt a veteran for your chapter.
  • Promote interest in the early history of our Nation and maintenance of the tools to mark and preserve that history by contributing to the Historic Landmarks and Memorials fund. Encourage members to contribute $2 each to this important project. Mark a historic site in your area.
  • Help other genealogical researchers by collecting, compiling, and contributing genealogical records to the NSDAC Library and local Libraries. Raise the number of pages collected from your state by 10 pages this year. It is more important than ever to preserve our genealogical records.
  • Teach young people about the history of our Nation by volunteering in the schools, distributing bookmarks, or by serving as a tutor. Give away 100 more bookmarks this year than last year. Encourage our young people to participate in DAC activities—dress in costume, take part in performances, take your child or grandchild on a historical tour.  Talk to your family, especially our young people about their ancestors.
  • Remember our mature chapter members. Include them in your activities and endeavors. Contact them if they are unable to attend meetings.

Spread the good news about DAC:

  • Encourage the use of the NSDAC Yearbook. Have each member of the chapter purchase a National Yearbook.
  • Submit articles about State and Chapter activities to The Colonial Courier. Submit one article for publication in The Colonial Courier. Increase your number of subscriptions to The Colonial Courier.
  • Send in pictures to our national web site and check the web for the latest news and information.
  • Submit DAC reports on time. Have each of the required reports submitted for state and national reporting before their due date.
  • Pass out “All About DAC” at your activities and events.

Increase membership:

  • Take pride in your DAC membership by telling others who might be interested about DAC. Encourage each member to bring a guest to at least one meeting. We are the “friendly”
  • Increase membership by adding one new member and one new Golden Acorn to each chapter, each year.
  • Arrange meeting times and places to meet the needs of members. Have at least one event each year that is scheduled so that working women can attend.
  • Promote and support the endeavors of our Golden Acorns by contributing to the Golden Acorns Committee and purchasing stationary from them.
  • Invite Members at Large and dropped members to join your chapter or state society.