National Theme and Goals


National Theme

Participation through Involvement

National Scripture

“Honor thy father and thy mother . . . .”
Exodus 20:12

National Motto

Past, Present, and Future

National Object

Patriotic, Historical, and Educational

The Goals of this administration will change each year with the Committee emphasis:

    For this year, they will be as follows:

    Support the National President’s Project by contributing at least $1 per member to the National President’s Project.

    Honor and remember all veterans by contributing comfort items, clothes, or other materials to VA hospitals or to other veterans groups. Hold a Valentine’s Day party, take Christmas cards, have a Halloween party for the veterans.

    Encourage members to contribute a $1 to the Historic Landmarks and Memorials Committee. Mark a historic site in your area.
    Donate genealogical records to the NSDAC Library and local libraries to help other researchers.

    Encourage young people to honor their Country by supporting the National Awards Committee by giving local JROTC members a Medal of Award.

    Teach our youth about the history of our Country by giving NSDAC bookmarks to them, serve as a tutor, and/or volunteer in schools.

    Increase membership:

      Talk about DAC at other genealogical meetings and invite them to a meeting. Arrange meeting times that are convenient to all. Have some meetings on the weekends and at night for those who work. Have field trips. Invite Members-at-Large to join your chapter. Ask dropped members to re-join. Invite your children, grandchildren, and nieces to join. These young members will be the future leaders of DAC. If we are to continue, we must increase membership.